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Your home for all the goings on in Scotsdale, Pueblo Nation, home of the Dragon’s Maw!

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Oi, name’s Martriku, the down’skivy lurker of this humble abode. I’ve been charged by many to give anyone who’s lurking with me here in Horizon’s wonderful city a touch of intel so you old an’ new faces can get around the block without getting deepfreezed and 901’d. Let’s get to the meat of this, shall we? This here’s an old-style wiki to be editted by tech-heads whom get stuff I’m missing or posting updates as they come along so feel free to poke around BUT don’t futz with too much otherwise I’ll just pull the plug on it all, kapeesh? Is that even how you spell that? Bah, no matter. Point is, it’s info and valuable stuff at that over the public brouchers- stuff in ‘ere that’d look bad if tourists saw half of it. So read well, fellow lurkers.

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City Layout

Local Businesses – Constantly under reconstruction

Fuzzy KittensHidden note from admin: (Info on the cops ’n stuff)

Lurker Dives – List of job-spots for those who need work

Vitals – collaboration of data from various contacts and sources. UPDATE Has vital stuff for missions!

Main Page

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