City Layout

Flatlands: the upper-scale and tourist area of the city that’s well lit and open 24/7/365. Generally low crime rate due to the private firms about to keep peace in the common areas

  • Commons: upper-scale mixed housing and complexes designed for middle to upper class citizens who have the nuyen to invest. Has a Lone Star service center every mile or so as well as schools and other common venues like golf courses. Generally anyone carrying a weapon or shady (i.e. Steve) is questioned at the boarder of the area and not let in.
  • MediGenics: a large sector of town owned by a large cybernetic and medical branch of a Megacorp (note to self: decide which). Employs a good swatch of people from the Commons and the (Mid-drift Area #1) as contractors and servicemen.
  • Horizon International Airport: a massive airport complex with the sole intent of funneling people into the center of the city’s transit in order to draw many tourists. Also includes a privately run spaceport by Ares as joint contract for space travel tourism.
  • Old Alamos: the oldest part of the city that still remains after the terrible fires and plague that struck the original town. It’s an ancient fossil of downtown that still functions as a Republic on a civic level as Horizon allows for the prosperity of tradition but the overall impact is reduced other than as a method of influencing the tourists with an “Old Town” motif and affecting some polls and middle-management replacements with political parties.
  • MainTrain: the center of town the has multitudes of warehouses and a large center lane of casinos, spas, and resorts all the way to The Playbox and is the first stretch of town tourists see on their way to their hotels, resorts, or seedy dens of pleasure along the Scuttle.
  • The Playbox: the most policed section of town where pleasure is business and their business excels. Biggest tourist trap in the Southwest and easily the way most Runners could make a quick buck pilfering or weaseling people if they can scope the cops and dust the place before they get too many knowing glances.
  • The Verdant: an artificial forest grown atop an old laboratory section that is governed by a mixture of ‘natural’ Metas in an effort to protect the scenery and tends to bring in interested parties as an indirect method of tourism. Also leads into the more natural forested area to the south where hiking trails and amateur sports jockeys ride varying animals and automaton in the wilds of the desert and scrubland.
  • The Dragon’s Maw: the “bad part” of the Flatlands where the pollution from the Scuttle and Mid-drift pours out. Luckily Horizon has a flashy way to hide most of it as there’s a pulsing sculpture of a dragon whom breathes fire which is never the same when it breathes every ten minutes and is a very welcome attraction from the onlookers behind the foot thick glass and fifteen story observation area- just to protect you from the pillar of flames of course! Totally not because the toxic fumes and genetic drugs that just got vaporized!

Mid-drift: home of the average employer and supplier, a place where the common meta can rest and work in peace but deal with the daily venting of the smog buildup and civil life with lower than average lighting conditions. Like the commerce center of a town but older and dimmer.

  • Borgin’s Den: a multi-plex owned by the Drelth family of dwarves who settled the Mid-drift first and started a hotel complex to accommodate those who couldn’t afford the vastly over-priced lodges on the surface when Scotsdale first was reestablished. Offers decent rates (of Low to Middle lifestyle) on housing and whole-sale costs at most outlet stores in the area. Tends to be the most secure but unfortunately not the brightest area of Mid-drift as it’s by far the oldest section. See Borgin’s Bounty section for further info.
  • The Greaser: under Old Town there’s an massive industrial complex that funnels a large swatch of the pollutants down the Dragon’s Maw as well as factories designed to compete for the best “flare” in the next burnout- notably the Swansons and the Ga’ro’trighks (fucking Orc names!)
  • Drylands: a swatch of town that’s plain, dull, and tends to have nothing odd happening. Realistically it’s the center of cyber and ‘Net development in town and tends to be higher-tech than the rest but is overshadowed as they tend to be blanketed with feedback from The Playbox’s massive network hub. Their services are great if they can get some bandwidth in edge-wise.
  • Grudge Space: the first signs that the city has a darker side. It’s a massive Low to Squatter complex with crime rates abysmally high. The elevators that once connected it to the upper streets of the Flatlands have been permanently damaged or taken down due to repeated bombings and revolts as it rests in the largest Back Conduit in the area- right under the Horizon office complex. The mixture of magical, electrical, and chemical feedback in the region tends to make for poor quality of living and is usually where security forces will avoid or be sent on patrol to after a sever reprimand.
  • The Black Complex: Currently an unknown section of town. Team investigation is required.
  • Scoured Square: a blighted, blank are that’s the updraft point for the Dragon’s Maw. Nothing here except burning.

Scuttle: the dregs of the city where industry toils to provide for those above. Canyons are natural outlets for the waste and everything trickles down. Not the cleanest and no natural venting for the air besides industry fans blowing their smoke down the canyon and out of the city.

  • The Sprawl: the nicest part of the Scuttle- and that’s saying a lot. It’s a region of the city that has ties to both the Borgin’s section and MediGenics’ facilities and this is more an industrial center with outlets down the Drag to the Dragon’s Maw. Fairly well policed by Lone Star divisions due to the number of facilities owned by MediGenics in the area that are on loan from the Borgin’s holding companies. It’s a nice partnership and an area naturally surrounded by hellholes turns out a decent profit and increasingly lower employee disappearance rates per year!
  • The Pit: the shady, dingy industrial complexes separately owned and suppliers of the electronic and cybernetic components of the upper shells. Somewhat hazardous due to the roaming gangs of mixed gang and cyber junkies that oft hold the local factories under ransom just to buy their new parts.
  • Hell’s Staging Ground: The recess pools for the daily Dragon’s Maw ignitions and are chemical pits and collection areas that are vaporized and let drift before being consumed by the flames above for all to observe. Don’t be here when the siren sounds. Seriously.
  • Gator’s Den: a slum owned by a Raphael Mulstin. Ideally it’s dank, lightless area to live and squat but realistically it’s a mafia holding that fights with local gangs over scraps from the facilities.
  • Hotspot: don’t go here unless you want to be mugged, raped, and drugged just for whatever you’ve got on you. This is the spot in the Scuttle that no security force will enter as it is the most dangerous section of the city and the plasteel walls surrounding this quarantine zone should be all the warning you need.
  • Little Underdark: when elves get creative they go all the way. This is a small pocket of the original canyon area that’s remained natural but is holed out into living quarters for dwarves, gnomes, and other “underground” denizens. Also home of the world’s first Moleman colony though tourists are recommended not to see it nor have any Molemen censuses actually come back to support that there actually are any there. Elves are freaking weird.
  • Bli$$: whores, whores, whores. It is right under The Playbox for good reason and it’s well kept. Just expect to get a medical checkup after you go back up if you went a touch cheap.
  • Hygri’zghy: if Warhammer 40k taught humanity anything it’s that Orc when getting together make a mess. This is the “unsightly” part of town owned by a large swatch of them greenskins and is a massive hedgehog of spiky bits and is effectively a massive scrapyard of a town. Great place to get cheap deals on those once broken parts, though!
  • The Blight: a metal blanketed box that runs down the canyon for about two miles and is about a quarter that wide. It’s an unknown section of town that is completely sealed off (magically, physically, and ‘Net-wise) and owned by a private investor into the city’s original development. Anyone asking too many questions about it or looking too deeply into it tends to disappear or lose their memory for a few years then coming to and screaming themselves to death once they ‘recall’ it all.

City Layout

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