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  • Alexander Merlith

    Alex is a known name in Scotsdale's underground though nobody really knows his face. Some say he's an eccentric gentleman who's always wearing a masquerade mask, others claim he blends into the streets as the every-man being a bum one day and a …

  • Sarah McGeller

    Sarah is a mild investigator and data tracker to assist her corporation in taking the Cybernetics market in Scotsdale. Due to this she is ruthless and a touch paranoid about her hunting grounds but tends to be fickle with her handling of her agents and …

  • The Littleton "Family"

    The Littleton Family is a loosely knit gang of misfits and gutter trash pooled together under Raphael Mulstin, a middle aged former Slum-Lord human now turned crime boss in the Gator's Den. Luckily these guys take care of their own and have enough lower …

  • Kiska

    A young cougar Shifter whom wandered into town and acquired a very good stealth suit and was dropped on Sergei to be trained by Varg.

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