Desert Glass

Day 1: New Faces and Testing the Water
Or "Why did it have to be a chicken?"

It all began as a Shifter, two elves, and a crazed Norse mage were called in for work one day. If it were normal work in the 2070’s then that’d be all well and good, management taking care of everything. But sadly our company of oddities don’t have one boss as they are the hammer that shatters corporate structure and bigotry wherever they go for they are…


Vigilantes, mercenaries, whatever you want to call them- they get the job done. One is a part-time PI whom has the soul of a wolf (literally), another a Norse-tradition Summoner whom has a powerful Guardian spirit with him at all times, another a paranoid isolationist who has enough gadgets to render himself unseen while he sees everything (within the limits of current tech, anyways), and the last being a secretive Rigger whom deploys a mix of data gathering via hacking and an army of scout and military drones to take care of the dirty work.

Together they were called by an unknown agent who introduced himself as Alex, an aged gentleman with a very noticeable, customized monocle where the metal seemed to mold itself like an ever changing, flickering flame. Down at the Old Alamo Dive, a very old eatery that serves the most homely flavored nutri-soy around the Old Alamo section of town, they were asked to go gopher a victim of cybernetic experimentation from a remote facility in the middle of the local desert. Simple preparations were done and the extraction was simple, literally walking in and out the front door with the cover Alex provided them as well as the disguises they used on another poor ‘victim’ in order to hide their numbers.

Needless to say the job seemed done, right? Just in and out without a worry? Noooo…? Well, this is where the actual mission began. Information, prototypes, and bonuses make up a large swatch of pay for Runners and the meager 2,500 Nuyen wasn’t going to pay for most of their bills so our paranoid elf, PI, and a contingent of Dragonfly drones slipped back in through the third story window. The Norse mage, whom the party left invisible on the same floor earlier, continued to meddle, leaving a wage-mage from the facility’s security forces in pieces as a new spirit was summoned and quickly devoured the 9 to 5.

The infiltrating party, though, slipped through the main checkpoint and headed straight for that floor’s labs, passing a chicken in the display room that was still strapped to the testing bed and snoozing from it’s last operation that seemingly showed no signs of physical change (maybe cyber-wings? Who knows. Megacorps are crazy). Breaking past a few guards and leaving their very skilled Rigger in the system’s networks to redirect silent alarm Agent programs as the brutes charged through a few door, they ended at a single locked door, barely able to see past the series of thick doors. Bingo.

Inside they found a freshly minted arm undergoing data testing and configuring for use… and two armed guards! Fire ensued and our PI showed how capable he is with firearms as he downed the two rather painfully. Luckily there were so heavily armored… regardless they grabbed the arm, Tech-head grabbed the data, and they booked for their entry point.

Then they bumped into the chicken again or, rather, the people extracting the chicken. Dressed in black uniforms of a sort the unknown group left a small smoke screen behind them as the two parties encountered one another. Both leave in due course through a small amount of firefighting and a rogue chem agent being used but the party returned to their mysterious benefactor a few drones gained and credits earned.

Alex, the ol’ rogue dressed in enough nanite skins to rival a dragon’s spell book, plays his hand just enough to reveal that the entire mission was a test and the party scored a 73 or some such earning the Fixer’s interest in offering them a sponsorship and contacts with some lucrative jobs that need doing. Well, after he nurses that gel shotgun blast to his gut from their last encounter…


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