Opposable thumbs sure are handy.


Shapeshifter (wolf)

Funds: 39,440 Nuyen
Karma: 7

Strength 6
Agility 7
Reaction 4 (6)
Body 4

Charisma 4
Willpower 3
Intuition 3
Logic 2

Edge 3
Magic 6
Grade 1
Metamagic : Masking

Initiative 7 (9)
Passes 3

Composure 7
Judge Intent 7
Lift / Carry 10
Memory 5

Regeneration (Body+Magic) 9
Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell, Low-light Vision, Sight)
Allergy : Silver (Severe)
Vulnerability : Silver

Qualities (Positive)
Adept (5)
Hawkeye (5)

Qualities (Negative)
Incompetent : Hacking (-5)
Spirit Bane (Cats) (-10)
SINer (Non-Criminal) (-5)
Day Job (Level 1) (-5)
Signature (-10)

Skills (Active)
Stealth Group 3
Athletic Group 2
Close Combat Group 4
Firearms Group 3
Dodge 2
Perception 2
Thrown Weapons 1

Skills (Knowledge)
Action Movies 2
Firearm Design 2
Lonestar Procedures 3
Parazoology 2
Security Systems 3

Languages (English Native, Russian 3)

Adept Powers (6 Points)
Critical Strike Level 4 (1 Point)
Improved Reflexes Level 2 (3 Points)
Killing Hands (.5 point)
Mystic Armor Level 3 (1.5 Points)

Micheal Patrovich (Real)
Peter Belmont – PI (Rating 4)
Marcus Talbot – Criminal Dealings (Rating 4)
Private Eye – Peter (Rating 4)
Firearm and Concealed Carry – Peter (Rating 4)
Motorcycle – Micheal (Real)
Motorcycle – Peter (Rating 4)

Sergei Loyalty 4 Connection 4 – Fixer


Firearms (Note all but Fichetti, Taser and Shotgun have RFID Advanced Safeties)

(A) HK G12A3z
Modified (Sound suppressor, Personalized Grip, Extended Clip, Additional Clip)
Accessories (Smartgun (top) Foregrip (bottom) Sling, Shockpad)

(B) Colt Manhunter
Mods (Personalized Grip, Silencer)
Accessories (Smartgun (top) )

© Desert Strike
Mods (Silencer)
Accessories (Smartgun (top) )

(D) Defiance T250 (Licensed to Peter)
Accessories (Shockpad)

(E) Morrissey Elen
Accessories (Silencer (barrel) )

(F) Fichetti Security 600 (Licensed to Peter)

(G) Defiance EX Shocker

(H) XM30 (Shotgun, Grenade, Sniper Rifle)
Standard- Smartgun, Lightweight, Shockpad
Mods- Chameleon Coat, Gas Vent 3, Additional Clip
Acc- Foregrip (under) Flashlight (top) Suppressor (Barrel)

Ammo (Note A also works for H and D works for H underbarrel shotgun)
Nacrojet Capsule Rounds ( A=5 B=2 C=2 )
Stick and Shock (A=2 C=2 F=2 E=2)
EX Explosive (A=3 B=1 C=2)
Regular (A=7 B=5 C=2 D=2 E=1 F=3 G=2)
HI-C Plastic (E=4)
Gel Rounds (D=5)

Close Combat
Combat Ax (Personalized Grip)
Ceramic Knife (Personalized Grip)
Stun Baton (Personalized Grip)

Armor Jacket 8/6 Rutenium Polymer Coating, Thermal Dampening 4, Helmet (0/2) and Personalized Fit
Armored Coat 6/4

Endoscope (Imagelink)
Climbing Gear
Gecko Tape Gloves
100m of Rope
Maglock Passkey 4
Maglock Sequencer 4
Auto Picker 4
Mini Welder
Monofilament Chainsaw
2x Metal Restraints
20x Plastic Ties
Cellular Glove Molder 3
Grapple Gun
Glass Cutter
Flashlight (Low Light)
Camera Neutralizer 4
Disguised Aerosol (Laes)

Goggles (Imagelink Smartlink Flare Comp. Thermographic)
Monocle (Imagelink Smartlink Image Magnification)
4x Flashpacks
5x Smoke Grenade
5x Thermal Smoke Grenade
5x Frag Grenade
5x High Explosive Grenade
5x Gas Grenade (Nacrojet)
5x Gas Grenade (Pepper Punch)
4x Flashbang
2x Concealable Holster (Mossery Elan and Fichetti)
1x Quick Draw Holster (Manhunter)

Commlink : Nova Tech Airwave (3/3) with Iris Orb OS (3/3)
Cortana – Agent 3
Browse, Scan, Encrypt, Decrypt, Spoof, ECCM, Sniffer (Rating 3) Normally Running Scan Encrypt and Spoof

Yamaha Growler (Modified with Gridlink Override, Spoof Chip and Morphing License Plate)


One day a wolf was wandering through the woods. It had been a cold day and there was snow on the ground making it easy to track a rabbit. It had been alluding him for the past hour but he was sure he had seen it run into the bushes ahead, his nose telling him the same.

At the same time a man was running for his life through the snow covered forest. He was playing rabbit to his own metaphorical wolf, a rather angry corporate hit man. Sergei you see was a Shadow Runner and was currently doing the literal end of his profession, running. He had been lax in covering his tracks on the latest run and was now paying for it. The man following him was from a megacorp none too happy with him blowing up a storage area for their latest set of high end commlinks. Unfortunately Sergei had also been shot in the arm and was proving rather easy to follow. The wolf was closing in.

The real wolf however was rather startled when a strange man came barreling through the bush he was stalking his rabbit into. The rabbit bolted away during the commotion costing the wolf his meal for the evening. None too happy with the man who cost him a full belly he crouched over him and growled at the intruder.

Sergei was having a bad time of things. HE had fallen over a tree root into a bush and was now sitting face to face with a rather angry wolf. To top things off he had dropped his Ares Predator in the fall and the hit man was getting closer. Crap.

What was this? A second man ran past the bush as the Wolf was about to teach the first a lesson about costing a hunter his dinner. The second man lowered one of the killing things at the first. No! This was his catch and he would not be denied a second time today.

Sergei was almost through saying his good byes as the hit man lowered his weapon at him. It surprised him he had lasted this long in the business. He was getting to old for this anyway. What surprised him more was when the wolf he had expected to kill him instead saved his life by tearing the hit man apart. Sergei just stared for a moment at the hilarity of a trained assassin being torn apart by a random wolf. Then he bust out laughing, he couldn’t help himself.

The first man was now laughing? What was wrong with this fool? He had cost him a meal and now his bellows where scaring off every bit of prey for miles! Frankly he had had enough of this one.

The wolf returned to his side and Sergei laughed a little less. He was clearly still angry about something and was once again growling while advancing at him. Sergei slowly reached into his pocket hoping for some way to ward off the furious creature. He was a bit disappointed when all he found was a chunk of beef jerky he had been purchasing at gas station when the hit man first chased him into the woods. Laughing all the way he held the food out the wolf “So comrade wouldn’t you rather have this instead of me? I’ve been told I’m quite gamey.”

The wolf sat back and reached out, taking the wad of jerky from the man.

“It’s a start.” he said.

Sergei burst out laughing. Oh today just got better and better.


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