The Littleton "Family"

All's well in "The Family"


Player Feedback Required

Group Contact of James
Connections: 8
Loyalty: 4
Size: 63 members (2)
Scale: Sprawl-Wide (2)
Magical Resources: Limited (1)
Net Presence: None (0)

Total Cost: special (Quality: Made Man)

Fences goods (20% of normal cost)
Restricted and Forbidden purchases (at DM discretion)
30 hour a week commitment for goods and time (earns variable money)

Neg: Enemy (Blackwater Gangrels, Adversary level, Small Gang group of ~34 members)

Individual Members
Jerry, Human
Advantages: School of Hard Knocks,
Disadvantages: Prejudice (Elves, Outspoken)


The Littleton Family is a loosely knit gang of misfits and gutter trash pooled together under Raphael Mulstin, a middle aged former Slum-Lord human now turned crime boss in the Gator’s Den. Luckily these guys take care of their own and have enough lower city contacts to not be hassled by Lone Star too much as they take care of a lot of the nearby gang activity and generally keep the peace in a nicer fashion than it was about ten years ago when it was still just a Slum, proper.

Sadly that doesn’t mean they aren’t competitive with the pimpin’ down in the Bli$$ quarter and they’re not afraid to take down the upstart gangs like the Gruel who are trying to push turf from their edge of the Hotspot- the lawless zone of town where bloodshed is a daily ritual.

The Littleton "Family"

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