Alexander Merlith

Our "Fixer"


Alexander Merlith
Metatype: Human
Type: Fixer
Loyalty: 1 (raised by 1 every 3rd job to max 4)
Connection: 4
Favor: 2 (base, even above loyalty with no penalty)

This is a shared contact and is assumed to be available to all characters in the game for plot convenience as well as access to resources and other contacts. He is effectively a DM plot device to make sure shit happens due to the limited contact pool of the initial starting group.


Alex is a known name in Scotsdale’s underground though nobody really knows his face. Some say he’s an eccentric gentleman who’s always wearing a masquerade mask, others claim he blends into the streets as the every-man being a bum one day and a construction worker the next. Truthfully he is all this and more but the one thing that stays constant is a specific piece of jewelry, often described as a piece of metal bending and warping like it was a natural flame. This is the truest of trademarks that identifies the real Alexander from the impostors as the man with no face and a name is very protective of his reputation as the uncatchable shadow to Scotsdale’s bright desert sun.

Alexander Merlith

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