Welcome to the Vegas of 2070.

In a town that never sleeps there’s always something to do. Cybers, drifting, lowering ones inhibitions with designer drugs, you name it. Here’s good ol’ Scotsdale on the mound of earth that once was Los Alamo, New Mexico. From the desert came a clone of Los Vegas now centralized and reinforced by the publicity and media oriented Horizon Corporation in an effort to expand their direct holdings on Pueblo Council’s own soil. It proved to be a very fruitful experiment on their end as the near ghost town well before the Crash has grown to become a hub of sightseers and restless purveyors.

Doesn’t mean the ground ain’t covered in blood, though.

This is where our group comes in as amongst this designer town of ideas and splendor there are many things afoot that easily mean a quick cred and another meal to a Runner.

Desert Glass

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